Software Freedom Day 2010 ~ Second Event

By Kalpa Pathum, September 29, 2010 8:50 AM

The second event to celebrate Software Freedom Day 2010 was held at the C.W.W. Kannangara Memorial Hall at Richmond College, Galle last Sunday (26th September 2010). The event was organized with the collaboration of Southern Linux User Group, Richmond College Linux User Group and the Educational Zonal Office, Galle. This is the third instance that we held an FOSS awareness event at Richmond College.

The event was commenced at 8:00 AM with the registration of the participants. Students of grade 10 and 11 and IT teachers of nearby colleges were there. In the first session Mr. Bandula Pushpakumara made the audience aware of the history and what we have done as Southern Linux User Group. A general discussion on how FOSS is used in schools, universities and in industry and an overview of the FOSS usage in the world, introduction to several famous distributions was carried out by Danishka, Kalhara and Kalpa. Next was the time for refreshment and after that Mr. Bandula gave an overview for OpenOffice packages with examples. The first session after the lunch was about graphic designing with Free and Open Source Softwares. Tharaka carried out the session illustrating the audience with examples by GIMP. Installation demonstration of Hanthana Linux ( was the next on the schedule and while the installation was going on Hanthana Linux installation notes were distributed and Danishka, Kalhara and Kalpa discussed about the educational softwares available as FOSS, what programming languages are there, what are the IDEs available, how to contribute to a FOSS project etc.

Finally was a Q&A session to which the participants actively participated. The event concluded with the vote of thanks of Mr. Thilakasiri, the IT teacher of Richmond College.

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Software Freedom Day 2010 ~ First Event

By Kalpa Pathum, September 18, 2010 11:59 AM

The first event of our group to celebrate the Software Freedom Day 2010 was held on 17th September, 2010 at Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna. We are proud state that this was the fourth consecutive series of events that we conduct to celebrate the SFD. The audience consisting around 90 information technology students and 10 teachers of Udugama Educational Zone were given a full day training session.

Participants were given an exposure to operating systems, FOSS, Open Source Movements and office suite while the the practicals were carried out on OpenSuse. At the latter part of the program a step by step demonstration on how to install Hanthana Linux ( was carried out and Hanthana Linux CDs and installation notes were distributed. This highly successful event concluded with a question and answer session.

Special thanks should go to the director, Information Technology and Mr. Sumith of Udugama Educational Zone and to the staff of Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna for helping us to make this event a reality.

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Notice: Software Freedom Day 2010 ~ Second Event

By Kalpa Pathum, September 5, 2010 3:51 PM

We are sorry to inform that the second event on the series to celebrate the Software Freedom Day 2010 scheduled to be held on 18th September 2010 at Main Hall ofRichmond College, Galle has been shifted to 26th September 2010 due to unavoidable circumstance.

This event is specially for the students studying information technology in Galle Educational Zone. Invitations to schools will be posted by the Galle education office in near future.

Software Freedom Day ~ Second Event

By Kalpa Pathum, September 2, 2010 11:59 AM

The second event by Southern Linux User Group to celebrate the Software Freedom Day 2010 is scheduled to be held on 26th September 2010 at the Main Halle of Richmond College, Galle. This being the fourth consecutive series of events that we organize to celebrate SFD will target students studying information technology in Galle Educational Zone.

This event is carried out with the collaboration of Galle Education Office and Richmond College is willing to give us a helping hand.

The invitation to schools has been posted by the Galle Education Office and further infomation can be obtained via the madam director of subject.

The event with the major objective to introduce Free and Open Source Software is scheduled to be held from 8.30am to 4.00pm on 26th September, 2010.

Software Freedom Day 2010

By Kalpa Pathum, August 12, 2010 6:22 AM

We have planned to celebrate the Software Freedom Day for the fourth consecutive year. Software Freedom Day which is celebrated world wide falls on the third Sataurday on each year and this year it is on 18th. For that we have organized two events, one with practical sessions and the other with speeches.

The first we hope to conduct with practical sessions on 17th September 2010 at Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna with the fullest cooperation of the staff of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna. For the first time the students and teachers of Udugama Education Zone are invited for such an event and the participants are expected to be consisting of 90 students studying information technology and 10 teachers. We hope to distribute Hanthana Linux live CDs and installation notes at the event.

The other is a full day massive event for 500 students and teachers of the Galle Education Zone on 18th September, 2010 at the auditorium of Richmond College, Galle. This will be conducted in collaboration with the Galle Education Office.

Event at Athuraliya

By Kalpa Pathum, July 29, 2010 8:00 PM

A Free and Open Source introduction event was held today at the Provincial Secretariat Office,  Athuraliya. It was noticeable that there were several representatives from the near by government offices and among them Nilwala Science Faculty, Youth Service Devision and Provincial Council were special.

The participants understood the importance of usage of Free and Open Source Software in the government sector and demonstrations on how to use OpenOffice office suit, GIMP, Firefox web browser and multimedia applications were presented.

Copies of Hanthana Linux were distributed among the participants after a demonstrating how to install it.

We highly appreciate the commitment of Provincial Secretariat Office to make this event which was organized in a very short period of time a success.

A FOSS Event for students of Malhara Sulhiya College

By Kalpa Pathum, October 18, 2009 4:53 PM

An event for the students of Malhara Sulhiya College, Galle was conducted at the school premises recently.  Although organized in a short period of time we received a highly positive feedback from the students and teachers participated. It was evident from the request they made at the end of the event, that is to conduct another event for them with practical sessions.

Miss. Soluchana Dharmawardana, the information technology teacher of the college was responsible in organizing this event and Mr. Bandula Pushpakumara agreed to contribute to an event explaining the usage of Free and Open Source Software in practise in future.

Anushka Lakmal, Gayan Tharaka and Gayan Kalhara granted their fullest contribution as resource persons to make this event a reality.

Software Freedom Day 2009

By Kalpa Pathum, September 20, 2009 12:33 AM

An event with speeches to celebrate the Software Freedom Day was held on 19th September 2010 at the Ambalangoda Dharmashoka College. This is the third consecutive year that we are conducting events to celebrate the Software Freedom Day and for this event students and information technology teachers of the Ambalangoda Edication Zone participated.

Suchetha, Buddika Sidhdhisena and Chanaka Jayamal from Lanka Linux User Group were present there and shared their knowledge among the students and teachers.

Hanthana Linux ( CDs were introduced for the first time at the event.

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Dialog GSM reinforces training teachers in Galle zone

By Kalpa Pathum, July 1, 2009 1:02 PM

For the practical sessions which our group is planning to conduct for the information technology teachers of Galle Edicational Zone, Dialog GSM is ready to grant us a high speed internet connection.

Dialog GSM agreed to give us a connectivity of 2Mbps via Wimax technology.

Calling letters for the teachers are already posted to the teachers by the Galle Educational Zone.

Free and Open Source event at Sri Sumangalodaya College, Kalahe

By Kalpa Pathum, January 9, 2009 6:50 PM

The first event of the year 2009 was held today at Sri Sumangalodaya College, Kahale and it was due to the commitment of the information technology section of the college that it was possible to organize this event within the first week of the new school term.

The event with the leadership of the principal of the college and the madam director, information technology of the zone was conducted the whole day at the Main Hall.

Danishka Navin and Kalpa Pathum shared their knowledge with the students while Anushka Lakmal, Amiththa Withanage and Nuwan Dileeka offered their numerous assistance to their brothers and sisters.

This event will not be a success without the commitment of Mr. Bandula Pushpakumara, the teacher in charge of the information technology subject of the college.

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